Tastemaker Review: Cowgirl Chocolates

As a featured publisher of www.FoodBuzz.com, I participate in the Tastemaker program.  Basically, that means I get to test out goodies and kitchen gadgets, for free.  They send them to me, and if it so pleases me, I review it.  Well, I received my first sample a couple of days ago, and let me tell you, it pleases me.  It would be wrong for me to receive 1/4 pound of such a fantastic product as Cowgirl Chocolates, free of charge, and not reciprocate.  Here they are:

0052First impressions make the most impact.  Arriving from Idaho packaged in a bold red box complete with ribbon, a charm, and a gift tag, and enveloped in branded red tissue, I was excited about my new treat before I was even sure what it was.

0152Each chocolate is wrapped in a different color.  Each color corresponds to the flavor, and of course, the handy dandy flavor guide is there to explain what makes Cowgirl Chocolates so unique.  The flavors are broken down into Spicy and Mild categories, which include a Spicy Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, a Spicy Cuppuccino, a Mild Ivory Orange, and a Mild Rasberry Lemon, among others.  Beware:  the Spicy chocolates should be reserved for truly adventurous eaters.  They start out smooth and then provide a slow and very real kick towards the end.  The Mild chocolates, are suitable for any palate.  My personal fave was the Habanero Caramel, a creamy, smooth chunk of caramel packed with a serious spicy punch.

0161I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure with Cowgirl Chocolates and I look forward to testing out a few more flavors.  To his own surprise, my husband also loved the kick of the Spicy variety, and was totally impressed by the ingenuity of the product.  To learn more about Cowgirl Chocolates, visit www.cowgirlchocolates.com.



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2 responses to “Tastemaker Review: Cowgirl Chocolates

  1. tiffany

    those sound so unique and yummy!! 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your write up on Cowgirl Chocolates…all the cowgirls and cowboys thank you too.

    My best….Marilyn Lysohir the head cowgirl

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