My First Blogging Award!

A few days ago, rlberry of Savory Safari honored me with the Lemonade Award.  This is one that is passed along by other bloggers to recognize blogs that are conisdered refreshing.  I was completely elated and ridiculously excited when I found out, and I send many, many thanks to rlberry.  I hope I can live up to her expectations.


This award is meant to be shared and passed on, so there are a few rules –

– Add the logo to your blog
– Add a link to the person who gave you the award
– Nominate up to 10 other refreshing blogs and list the links. Then, leave a message for each nominee informing them of the award.

Thanks to all of my winners for providing me with countless hours of entertainment and knowledge.

Here they are:

Vintage Victuals-Because Laure is a lot like me.

Good Eats ‘n Sweet Treats-Because Jaime has created a site featuring a wealth of tasty dishes and fantastic photos.

Angie’s Simple Cooking-Because I want to eat everything Ang cooks!

Gastroanthropology-Because I absolutely love following Adrienne’s adventures in cooking.

Delicious Meliscious-Because Melissa is lots of fun!

Cook Appeal-Because Elizabeth offers a professional’s insight on food, in an oh so casual manner.

Much success and many good eats to all my fellow foodie bloggers!



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2 responses to “My First Blogging Award!

  1. I like how you stated my intentions, and thank you!

    You should check out the curried french lentils I cooked today, so spicy and yummy!

  2. Hi Shayne – Thank you so much! I love your football plate and I want those wings with bleu cheese. Would be delicious with a glass of cold lemonade!

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