Super Slammin’ Super Bowl Buffalo Wings

As in most of America’s households, Super Bowl Sunday is a special occasion in my home.  It’s a day full of food, booze, good company, and patriotism.  Of course, for a foodie like me, it’s just a great reason to cook tasty food for people I care about.  As retro as it might seem, I really enjoy serving up some tasty snacks to my husband while he indulges in hours of sofa dwelling and shame-free machismo.  I never let the day pass without frying up a batch of classic buffalo wings.  I’m a total purist when it comes to wings, and I’ve used the same recipe that my mom gave me, five years ago, every year since.  The only alteration that I’ve made over the years is to the brand of hot sauce.  My mom always used Frank’s Red Hot, but over the years, I’ve discovered that my absolute favorite sauce is Texas Pete’s.  It packs a lot of burn with equal amounts vinegary tang and peppery goodness.  Here’s my recipe for Classic Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese Dip.


Blue Cheese

Lowfat Buttermilk

Reduced Fat Sour Cream

Light Mayo

Fresh Lemon Juice

Chicken Wings and Drumettes

Kosher Salt

Black Pepper

Canola Oil

Hot Sauce



You want to start out by preparing your blue cheese sauce, so that it has a chance to sit, chill, and meld.  You can either purchase blue cheese crumbles or break up a block.  It’s cheaper in the block, so that’s what I usually do.

004Add mostly buttermilk and a couple tablespoons each of sour cream and mayo (adjust amounts to reach desired thickness).  Season with salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a dash of hot sauce.

005Stir well to thoroughy incoporate all ingredients.  Transfer to a serving bowl and chill until ready to serve.

006For the wings, heat about 3-4 inches of canola oil in a deep pot, on high.  While the oil heats, season the wings with salt and pepper.

008When the oil is very hot (use the shimmer test, again), using tongs, carefully add enough of the wings to fill the pot and allow to cook until a deep, dark golden brown.  We like them extra crispy, so I usually let them fry until they are a rich honey color and the meat is beginning to pull away from the bone.

010Turn occasionally until desired color is reached, then remove, and allow to drain on paper towels.  Repeat this process until all of your wings are cooked.  While they are cooking, in a saucepan, melt equal parts butter and hot sauce and stir to combine.  Place the cooked wings in a large bowl and pour the heated sauce over them.  Toss well to thoroughly coat each wing.

012Serve on a large platter with some fresh celery and carrot sticks and your homemade dipping sauce.

013Now, grab and ice cold beer and ENJOY!



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5 responses to “Super Slammin’ Super Bowl Buffalo Wings

  1. I like that platter you are using…and of course I made my buffalo chicken low fat for the new diet I am on to loose weight!

  2. joelen

    i love wings any time of year and this looks fabulous!

  3. limeandlemon

    sounds and looks delicious … Laila ..

  4. oh that platter is so clever! good work


  5. lo!

    … and you don’t even need the Superbowl to enjoy wings. These look fabulous. And what a great presentation!

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