Tastemaker Review: Quaker True Delights

0062And, I sure was delighted with the generous sampling of Quaker True Delights Granola Bars, that I received from FoodBuzz.  I was able to try each of the three flavors, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond, Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry, and Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut, and even share some with a few of my pals.

The verdict:  although the names are slightly verbacious, each one packs a healthy dose of fruity, nutty, sweetness.  With only about eight grams of sugar, they still managed to satiate my sweet tooth, and even better, they’re only about 140 calories each and boast 3 whole grams of fiber, making them a fantastic dessert alternative.

The Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond and Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry both achieve a wonderfully balanced interplay of sweet and tangy flavors, with just the right amount of crunch.  But, much to my surprise (as I’m usually not a huge fan of macadamia nuts and couldn’t quite imagine a banana granola bar) the Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut was by far my favorite.  The coconut was crispy, the nuts were fresh and super-crunchy, and the banana was not at all overpowering.  Quaker really succeeded in playing these tropical flavors against each other.  Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!  I know it’s just a granola bar, but that coconut banana variety really got me!

As much as I’d love to crack open another box, the price tag is a bit hefty.  Five granola bars will run you about $3.50.  I don’t usually buy granola bars, so wasn’t sure how that compares, but a quick google search confirmed my thoughts.  Without an organic label, Quaker’s price point is pretty pricey.  But, hey, give ’em a try anyway.  If you’re a snacker, have a sweet tooth, or need to have dessert, it’s probably worth it.  Afterall, I’ve never had a chewy granola bar that I liked more!




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