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What Next!?

Okay, so I’ve run out of stockpiled photos, and yes, I still cook just about every day of the week.  I just want something very interesting and different from my previous posts.  So, here I am, turning to my lovely readers.  What would you all like to see sometime very soon, on One Bite At A Time?

ice cream

Photo Courtesy of http://www.bonappetit.com


Photo courtesy of http://www.sheknows.com.

breakfast foods

Photo Courtesy of http://www.superstock.com.


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Tastemaker Review: The Irish Awesomeness of Kerrygold


Please forgive me loyal followers, please, please forgive me!  Yes, I know, I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, but let me just fill you in.  Two weeks ago, I was sick, very sick, out of work for two days sick, it sucked.  I tried to blog but just felt too gross to get anywhere.  And to be really honest, I was just too busy this past week.  I had to jump back into life after being out of commission for awhile.  And again, I did try to write this post a week ago, but I really wasn’t into it, and I didn’t want to write without giving it my all…I’m not here to produce sub-par content and wouldn’t want to short change those who I hope have come to expect more from me.  But, I’m back now and ready to get everything rolling once again.  Now, I’m not posting a recipe today, and I apologize if anyone has been waiting anxiously.  What I do have is a stellar product to clue you all in on.  Back around St. Paddy’s Day, my friends over at FoodBuzz sent me some buy one get one free coupons and great recipes from the Kerrygold company.  If you are not familiar with their products, you should definitely track some down.  Ironically, when I went shopping for our St. Patrick’s Day dinner, which was faboo by the way, I couldn’t find any Kerrygold products, so I didn’t get to use them for that meal.  A few weeks later, I went to a different grocery store and used the coupons to purchase their classic Dubliner cheese and an Aged Cheddar.

024While I truly enjoyed both cheeses, the Dubliner was really the stand out for me.  It almost has the texture of parmesan crossed with cheddar and is fantastic for grating over almost anything and dreamy as a snack.  It has a very distinctive, tangy yet nutty flavor that really is a party for your tastebuds.  It’s sophisticated on the palate, but not so much so that it’s overwhelming just sliced and eaten on a cracker.  Yeah, I’d really like some right now…but, I’m all out.  I think I’ll be using my second set of coupons pretty soon.  You really should check out Kerrygold’s website to learn more about their other cheeses and find out where you can pick some up.  If you’re a true cheese lover, a little effort will be worth it.  Go eat some cheese…NOW, and ENJOY!

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Tastemaker Review: Recchiuti Confections


You can not get more gourmet than Recchiuti.  My friends over at FoodBuzz have outdone themselves once again, providing me with another product that I love more and more every time I indulge.  Hailing from San Francisco, owner, entrepreneur, and true chocolatier, Michael Recchiuti has created a product unlike anything I’ve ever tasted, and I have reason to believe that the incredibly addictive Asphalt Jungle Mix from his Dragee line is only the tip of the iceberg.

0221An unbelievably satisfying snack of balanced salty sweet nuggets and chewy, melty, and crunchy textures, it meets every demand of the tastebuds with smooth panacea and elegance.  My favorite are the burnt caramel hazelnuts and almonds.  The burnt caramel itself is a signature of Recchiuti.  From the first taste of these nuts, I was intrigued.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on what made them so delightful, but  after a quick visit to Recchiuti.com, it all made sense.  That perfect balance of salty sweetness came from the alluring flavor of delicately burnt caramel mixing with gently roasted nuts.  I couldn’t ask for anything more in a chocolatey treat, but Recchiuti has lots more to offer and for such an upscale, high-quality product, the prices aren’t too bad either.  The Dragees run at only 12 dollars for a 6 ounce box.  In fact, I may even order one of their many other selections.  Who could resist such innovative flavors as Rose Caramel, Bergamot Tea, and Tarragon Grapefruit?  Not me that’s for sure!  And, don’t even get me started on how badly I want to try their brownies!  I’ll be sure to let you know if I do.

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Tastemaker Review: Quaker True Delights

0062And, I sure was delighted with the generous sampling of Quaker True Delights Granola Bars, that I received from FoodBuzz.  I was able to try each of the three flavors, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond, Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry, and Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut, and even share some with a few of my pals.

The verdict:  although the names are slightly verbacious, each one packs a healthy dose of fruity, nutty, sweetness.  With only about eight grams of sugar, they still managed to satiate my sweet tooth, and even better, they’re only about 140 calories each and boast 3 whole grams of fiber, making them a fantastic dessert alternative.

The Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond and Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry both achieve a wonderfully balanced interplay of sweet and tangy flavors, with just the right amount of crunch.  But, much to my surprise (as I’m usually not a huge fan of macadamia nuts and couldn’t quite imagine a banana granola bar) the Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut was by far my favorite.  The coconut was crispy, the nuts were fresh and super-crunchy, and the banana was not at all overpowering.  Quaker really succeeded in playing these tropical flavors against each other.  Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!  I know it’s just a granola bar, but that coconut banana variety really got me!

As much as I’d love to crack open another box, the price tag is a bit hefty.  Five granola bars will run you about $3.50.  I don’t usually buy granola bars, so wasn’t sure how that compares, but a quick google search confirmed my thoughts.  Without an organic label, Quaker’s price point is pretty pricey.  But, hey, give ’em a try anyway.  If you’re a snacker, have a sweet tooth, or need to have dessert, it’s probably worth it.  Afterall, I’ve never had a chewy granola bar that I liked more!



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My First Blogging Award!

A few days ago, rlberry of Savory Safari honored me with the Lemonade Award.  This is one that is passed along by other bloggers to recognize blogs that are conisdered refreshing.  I was completely elated and ridiculously excited when I found out, and I send many, many thanks to rlberry.  I hope I can live up to her expectations.


This award is meant to be shared and passed on, so there are a few rules –

– Add the logo to your blog
– Add a link to the person who gave you the award
– Nominate up to 10 other refreshing blogs and list the links. Then, leave a message for each nominee informing them of the award.

Thanks to all of my winners for providing me with countless hours of entertainment and knowledge.

Here they are:

Vintage Victuals-Because Laure is a lot like me.

Good Eats ‘n Sweet Treats-Because Jaime has created a site featuring a wealth of tasty dishes and fantastic photos.

Angie’s Simple Cooking-Because I want to eat everything Ang cooks!

Gastroanthropology-Because I absolutely love following Adrienne’s adventures in cooking.

Delicious Meliscious-Because Melissa is lots of fun!

Cook Appeal-Because Elizabeth offers a professional’s insight on food, in an oh so casual manner.

Much success and many good eats to all my fellow foodie bloggers!


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How Do You Feel About My New Theme?

Since I’m getting a little more comfortable with this blogging thing, I thought I’d try cleaning up my page a bit and adding a customizable header to make it more personal.  I’d love to know what all of my lovely readers think.


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A Long, Leisurely Christmas Eve

This year, DH and I spent Christmas Eve at home, just the two of us.  After working many, many hours all throughout December, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  I cooked slow, we ate slow, we drank slow, and we truly enjoyed.  Because of our love for all things Spanish, I made a leisurely tapas style meal, consisting of two rounds of food.

The Menu

Round One

Kalamata Olives

Manzanilla Olives

Pa Amb Tomaquet

Tempranillo Wine

Pa Amb Tomaquet is a Catalan specialty consisting of lightly toasted bread rubbed with garlic and vine ripened tomatoes and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, then sprinkled with kosher salt...muy delicioso!

Pa Amb Tomaquet is a Catalan specialty consisting of lightly toasted bread rubbed with garlic and vine ripened tomatoes and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, then sprinkled with kosher salt...muy delicioso!

Round Two

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Onions


Patatas Bravas

…and, more Tempranillo

My first attempt at brussel sprouts...yeah, they're good.

My first attempt at brussel sprouts...yeah, they're good.

The Star

Patatas Bravas…I searched high and low for a recipe that sounded like what  I ate in Barcelona.  I finally found a recipe that seemed right and they came out terrific.  Probably the best I’m gonna get on this side of the Atlantic.

Behold, a true beauty!

Behold, a true beauty!

Hope everyone ENJOYED their holiday celebrations, and wishing peace, love, prosperity, and of course more good eats in 2009!


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