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What Next!?

Okay, so I’ve run out of stockpiled photos, and yes, I still cook just about every day of the week.  I just want something very interesting and different from my previous posts.  So, here I am, turning to my lovely readers.  What would you all like to see sometime very soon, on One Bite At A Time?

ice cream

Photo Courtesy of http://www.bonappetit.com


Photo courtesy of http://www.sheknows.com.

breakfast foods

Photo Courtesy of http://www.superstock.com.


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How Do You Feel About My New Theme?

Since I’m getting a little more comfortable with this blogging thing, I thought I’d try cleaning up my page a bit and adding a customizable header to make it more personal.  I’d love to know what all of my lovely readers think.


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We Have A Winner!

The winner of “You Can Have Whatever You Like,” is a one pot meal.

I will be making old-fashioned, Southern chicken and dumplings! My mother’s step-father is from Mississippi and the recipe my entire family uses is from the Mississippi Cookbook. The recipe has been passed down from my grandmother, to my mother, and now to me. It is delicious and sooo comforting. Check back over the weekend for the official post!

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You Can Have Whatever You Like


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Oh What To Serve, What To Serve?

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